Although we are new to the “Jetboat” world, we are committed to development of the highest quality and performance. If you haven’t seen us yet take a closer look and see why we are the latest  buzz in the industry.

We are in a position to become the most successful boating companies to ever exist and because of a commitment to advanced manufacturing techniques that have not been seen in our industry we are changing and adapting to our clients need in ways never before thought possible

By investing and using the best equipment used in the boating industry we have raised the bar for performance boating.  Our manufacturing team consist of some of the best trained technicians in the industry and we are achieving the highest quality customer satisfaction of any manufacturer from small to large.

Speed and style is a phrase that many use in the jet boat experience, but have also brought a new standard of interior and deck finish to go along with the speed and performance.  Based in the USA and using American workers quality and pride have distinguish us from the competition in fit and finish.

Our commitment and promise is to continue dedicating our efforts to improving the fuel efficiency, speed, safety and usability of all the boats we produce. As we move forward we will strive to keep our pricing low and competitive so that more people can enjoy the superior quality and experience of our boat lines.